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Garbha Aur Shishu Sanskar CD and Cassette

Garbha Aur Shishu Sanskar CD and Cassette
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Supraja Foundation has released a CD / Cassette titled ‘Garbha Aur Shishu Sanskar’ by Dr. Vikram Shah and Dr. Geetanjali Shah.

The CD/Cassette gives vital information to pregnant women and their husbands regarding exercise, breathing, diet, labour, baby care and baby massage.

Morever, information regarding conscious conception and ‘Garbhadhaan Sanskar’ is given for those couples who are planning pregnancy and would   like to give birth to superlative progeny.

Precious and rare mantras from the timeless vedas like Atharva Veda, Yajurveda, Jain scriptures and Hindu texts for Garbhasanskar are given. This helps in blessing the unborn baby according to the month of pregnancy.

The mantras are sung by famous singer Vaishali Samant.

After birth, the different sanskar mantras for the newborn baby and shishu sanskar mantras during his naming ceremony, weaning ceremony, mundan (hair shaving) ceremony and other ceremonies are described.

The different topics according to the order in which they appear are given below :