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Infant Vision Stimulation Book

Infant Vision Stimulation Book
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The medical basis for this book is that in early infancy black, white and red geometric patterns if shown in a particular sequence (as in the book) start stimulating the synaptic connections in the brain cells of the baby. By flashing the black,white and red images in this book, you can offer a superb visual workout for your baby’s fertile brain. How to use this book Place this book about 12 inches from your baby’s face.Calling his attention, quickly turn the pages, keeping a time of about 3-5 seconds per page. Finish the book within a minute. Affectionately hug your baby. Do this 2-3 times a day.You can start right from the first day of life or in any month of infancy when you first get hold of this book. The scientific explanation of the high contrast pictures on each page of the book is given; i.e. the scientific basis for page 8 shown in the photograph above are as follows:

Page 8 – A child instinctively has a knowledge of recognizing the human face. When he looks at the black colored face,, a newborn focuses initially on the facial outline. As he grows older, he focuses on the border of the eyes. Since, the mental pictures that his hungry mind can digest are the pictures of the human face and black white contrast lines, the combination of the two, present a delightful item for absorbing during his quick glance at the picture. Enthusiastic parents decorate the newborn’s room with stuffed toys and cartoon characters, which seem pleasing only to family members and guests. What the poor baby really wants, is black, white and red colored human faces, which the rods and cone cells of his retina in the eye can actually see. As he grows older, he focuses on the black dot (iris) inside the eye.

  • Pregnant women and their husbands, so as to start stimulation right from the first day of the newborn's life.
  •  Parents of children upto 2 years of age
  •  Enthusiastic grandparents caring for the baby when parents are working. (Since, there is no language involved, even the housemaid can flash the   book in the parent's absence).
    •  This is an ideal and unique gift to pregnant women for their baby showers or during the baby's naming ceremony