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Infant Crawling Track (On Rent)

Infant Crawling Track (On Rent)
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For the overall development of your baby, you can use the track from 0 to 6 


Provide extraordinary opportunity for brain and physical development with the infant Crawling Track, developed by child brain
development specialist Glenn Doman use of the track builds a solid foundation for development of strength and the formation of balance, coordination,grace, beauty and intelligence.

In an infant track a baby's is automatically propelled forward or backward when arm and leg reflexes occur. The tiny, accidental movement that is caused by the reflexive response of the linbs can happen frequently in a track, as there is no obstacle or bedding to impede mobility, and the smooth surface of the track promotes sliding.

Because the track is narrow, the infant automatically pushes-off from the sides of the track as leg reflexes occur, giving him a little boost, and this cause his whole body to move in tiny jerking movements. When arms reflex there is a pulling movement helping himalong in the track. In an infant track, the infant can soon discover that it is his destiny to become mobile.

Infants from 0-6 months can use the track. Parents have to keep the baby prone (on his tummy) in the track.

Since it is expensive & cumbersome for each parent to build a track and the fact that it is required only for 6 months. Parents can take it on RENT from ashvini hospital for 3 months.

For further quiries contact , 9820041051 or 24469970 / 6363.