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All the religious ceremonies with the scientific rituals which are to be done on the baby right from birth are mentioned in the charts. The technique of each ritual is given in English for the new generation who are keen to do the traditional rituals but find it difficult to understand big religious books in sanskrit.

For example- The first time that you start solid food like rice water for your baby at 5-6 months, you can read the 'Annaprashan Sanskar' card, it mentions the medical importance of doing this sanskar, what things you need to keep ready and how to do the ceremony and the basics of why this ceremony has been suggested by the timeless Puranas. Each card ends with the mantras for that sanskar, eg. Mantra for annaprashan sanskar.

Similarly, the vidhi of each sanskar starting from birth-right from the mantra while cutting the umbilical cord to the mantra while giving the first breastfeeding is mentioned. Mantras for each of the following are given.

The other sanskaras are as follows- 

  1. On the third day after birth, the sanskar when you take the baby to the temple on the 40th day called as DHARMA PRADHAN BAHIRYAN SANSKAR. 
  2. Naming ceremony of the child-NAMKARAN SANSKAR. 
  3. When the child starts sitting for the first time-NISHADYA SANSKAR 
  4. When the child starts weaning food-ANNAPRASHAN SANSKAR. 
  5. Mantras and ceremony on his first birthday-VARSHA VARDHAN SANSKAR. 
  6. When the child's scalp is shaved for the first time-MUNDAN SANSKAR 
  7. BUDDHI VARDHAK SANSKAR -when the child holds a pencil or crayon in his hand for the first time, a very important sanskar for brain development called as SARASWATI SANSKAR or LIPI SANKHYAN SANSKAR is done.

(These SARASWATI SHIBIRS FOR BRAIN DEVELOPMENT are conducted by Dr Geetanjali Shah at Dadar Mumbai for unborn babies (pregnant moms) and children above 6 months and generate a huge response with enthusiastic parents who also want to do religious ceremonies in addition to scientific things for brain development)