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DIET CHARTS FOR KIDS (From 6 months to 12 years)

DIET CHARTS FOR KIDS (From 6 months to 12 years)
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These charts will prove useful to parents to know what quantity of food should be given at each age and how may times a day the meals should be given.

Each chart mentions what should be the weight and height for girls and boys separately at that age, calories, proteins and fats required, number of hours of sleep and a MEAL PLAN for 24 hours using Indian foods and in some charts a meal plan for each day of the week (eg. Monday ,Tuesday - recipe menu for breakfast, lunch etc) is given.

These charts are guidelines for parents to know if their child is eating enough quantity of the right kind of foods(eg. proteins, carbohydrates etc).

The charts should be attached with a clip board in the kitchen and the child fed according to the menu and time mentioned in the chart.

The charts are useful while packing a tiffin box for children right from 1.5 years.