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This chart is to be stuck on the wall in front of the bed, as soon as the pregnant lady gets up and before going off to sleep, she has to say the ashirvaad mantra for the baby given at the bottom of the card aloud. The hand on the top of the head of the expectant mom symbolises the protection for her baby with the help of her parents, in-laws, grandparents and gurujis. She has to stick photographs of these people in the space provided. The rays of light radiating from the hand form a capsule around the baby and cleanse it, the colour is to be visualised according to the mantra, meditation and antenatal colour therapy cards. The lotus below and the red symbols on both the sides on top represent goddess saraswati, to whom we pray for higher intelligence of the baby. The 5 elements (panchmahabhuta like water etc) are around the baby and heal it's physical self. 

This chart forms the essence and theme of the garbhsanskar and pregnancy class!